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RepairsCrew covers everything, from fixing the plumbing issue to cleaning up the mess. We offer competitive rates without compromising quality or service. Plus, we always use high-quality parts and materials.

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Homeowners often need to be aware of the cost of plumbing repairs and the availability of technicians in their area. It's hard to know if you're getting a good deal on plumbing repairs. The Repairs Crew is here to help. We'll connect you with local, skilled technicians so you can get your plumbing repairs done quickly.

Our Plumbing Services West Allis, WI

Gas line repair/leak detection

A gas leak is a serious matter that should never be taken lightly. Gas is highly combustible, and even a tiny leak can pose a severe fire hazard. If you smell or suspect a gas leak, you should call your gas company immediately. Gas experts can quickly identify and repair any gas leaks. In the meantime, staying safe by evacuating the area and avoiding any open flames or sparks is essential.

Water leak/Mainline repair

Water leaks might seem like a tiny issue that can easily be ignored. Experts from the Repair crew say a minor crack in a pipe can cause extensive damage. The water seeps through the cracks and slowly wears away at the line, weakening it and causing it to break. The break can cause extensive damage to the surrounding area, including walls, floors, and foundations. The damage can be so severe that it requires expensive repairs in some cases. Therefore, it is essential to take water leaks seriously and have them fixed as soon as possible to avoid costly damage.

Fixture Replacement

Over time, even the best-maintained plumbing fixtures can develop problems that require replacement. In some cases, fixtures may end their lifespan and need to be replaced. It may become damaged due to excessive wear and tear in other instances. When this happens, it is essential to replace the institution as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the plumbing system. If you suspect your fixtures may need replacement, it is best to consult an expert plumber to determine the best course of action.

Sewage/Drain cleaning

A proper sewage line is essential for fresh and clean surroundings. However, routine checks and maintenance are necessary to facilitate its smooth function. Otherwise, it creates an unhygienic environment resulting in a foul smell and water seeping into the house and flooding.

Hard Water treatment

Hard water contains high concentrations of metals, which can cause problems like clogging pipes, reducing the efficiency of water heaters, and making it difficult to lather soap. Hardwater makes water unfit for consumption. It reduces the lifespan of appliances like kettles, taps, heaters, laundry, and anything that comes in contact. Water softening is the solution to these problems. Expert professionals can install a water softener in your home or business, offering maintenance and repair services.

Slab leak repair

Slab leaks are water pipe leakage in your home's concrete slab. Poor water quality and improper installation few causes of cracks in the pipe that lead to slab leaks. Slab leaks result in flooding around your house, cracks in the foundation, moisture build-up, and an unpleasant smell. Water stains and cracks in walls are other signs.

Slab leaks should be done by experts with the experience and knowledge to fix them quickly and efficiently so that you don't have to worry about them anymore.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

A kitchen and bathroom makeover is a great way to improve your home's functionality and aesthetic appeal. These two spaces are some of the most used rooms in any house, so they must be comfortable and stylish. With careful planning and attention to detail, a kitchen or bathroom makeover can be a great way to update your home.

Waterline repair and replacement

Water lines should be regularly inspected for leaks and repaired as necessary to ensure that you're getting a fresh, clean supply of water. In addition, it's essential to keep an eye out for any signs of contamination, such as strange smells or colors in your water. If you notice anything unusual, be sure to contact experts.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a safe and effective approach to cleaning your drains, and it can be used on all types of conduits, including sewer lines. It effectively removes grease, hair, oil, and other deposits that cause clogs. The high-intensity water blasts through the clogs, especially the stubborn grease deposits. Hydro jetting is also less disruptive than other cleaning methods like snaking or rooter service.

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are designed to automatically clear water from a basement or crawl space, helping to keep the area dry and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. While sump pumps can be a bit of an upfront investment, they can save you a lot of money in the long run by helping to prevent water damage to your home. And, in the event of a flood, a sump pump can help protect your home from severe injury by keeping the water at bay. If you live in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump is worth considering.

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