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You're having some plumbing issues and are unsure what to do. It's hard to know who to call when a plumbing emergency occurs. Most people don't have time for that kind of hassle.

The RepairsCrew is here to help. They offer 24/7 emergency service, so you can rest assured that they'll be there when you need us most. In addition, they also provide regular plumbing check-ups so that you can avoid emergencies in the future. Schedule your check-up today!

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You've probably experienced the following scenario before. You have a plumbing problem, so you search for a plumber online.

The RepairsCrew is here to help. They understand that plumbing problems only sometimes happen at convenient times, so they offer 24/7 service with no overtime rates. They also have competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of work by highly skilled plumbers in all areas. Our experts promise to solve it correctly the first time, every time.

Our Plumbing Services in Hastings, NE

Gas line repair/leak detection

When your gas line starts to leak, it's more than an annoyance; it's an emergency. Even though the line requires immediate care, you should leave the repair to the professionals rather than attempting it yourself. If you reckon a gas leak, you should act fast and have your gas line repaired by a professional.

Schedule a gas-leak check if you notice an odor, a hissing sound, or an unexplained rise in your gas bill. Call us to schedule an appointment and get an estimate.

Water leak/mainline repair

Water leaks are a significant irritation that may cost much money if not caught soon. Water pipelines burst beneath the earth, in buildings, and beneath concrete and highways, resulting in difficult-to-find breaches. The only way to be sure there are no leaks on your property is to hire a professional leak detection specialist with the proper equipment. This will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Fixture replacement

A dripping faucet is annoying, but it can also signify that your fixture needs to be repaired. A simple fix such as changing a washer or cleaning the aerator can do the trick in many cases.Water leakage if left unattended results in flooding and structural damage to the building.However, if you are not handy or would prefer not to deal with the problem yourself, it is best to call a professional plumber. Plumbers have the experience and expertise to quickly and efficiently solve the problem, saving you time and frustration.

Sewage /drain cleaning

Drains are an essential part of any home plumbing system, but they are often neglected until a problem arises. There are several main reasons behind frequent drain blockages, including mineral deposits in pipes, kitchen grease accumulation, and flushing of inappropriate material. The obstruction in the drain results in seeping water into the house resulting in an unhygienic environment. Gurgling sound from the drain, foul smell, and frequent site of pests and cockroaches around the drain are a few signs of drain blockage.

Hard water treatment

Hard water is a common problem that affects many homeowners. The most common solution for hard water is a water softening. This water filter system removes the minerals found in hard water. A water softener requires salt to function correctly. Salt for water softeners must be kept in a separate tank. It's referred to as the brine tank. Water containing sodium ions from the brine tank flows into the water softener tanks, cleaning the resin and draining the hard minerals down the drain during the regeneration process.

Slab leak repair

A slab leak is a water pipe leak that occurs beneath a concrete floor. The term "slab leak" is used by insurance companies to describe the situation, and it's also sometimes referred to as a foundation leak by industry experts. If you have a slab leak, it's essential to contact a professional plumber for an inspection and repairs as soon as possible.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

A makeover is a term used to describe the numerous changes made to the aesthetic of your bathroom. These changes can focus on the layout, design, or overall appearance of the toilet and are usually cosmetic. As a result, cosmetic changes like a new vanity, cabinet, and countertop might be all that's needed to give your bathroom a fresh look and feel.

Waterline repair/replacement

Your home's water system is a complex and delicate network of pipes, pumps, and valves that delivers fresh water to your taps and appliances. The mainline is the large pipe that brings water from the municipal water supply into your home. Our Repairs Crew partner specialists in Hastings have the skills and knowledge to install a new mainline quickly and efficiently. With years of experience in the plumbing industry, they will ensure that your new mainline is installed correctly and that your home's water system is functioning correctly.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is perfect for cleaning residential and commercial buildings, especially grease buildup, like restaurants. It's a specialized operation that clears blockages and obstructions in high-pressure and high-speed water pipelines. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods for unclogging clogged pipes. Hydrojetter employs high-pressure water and can tackle even the toughest clogs quickly and efficiently. The technique is especially effective at removing grease, sludge, and scale that can accumulate over time in pipes. This pipe cleaning method is safe for most plumbing types and can extend your system's life. When done regularly, hydro jetting can help prevent major problems down the road.

Sump pumps

A sump pump is a device used to remove water accumulated in the water-collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basement of homes. The water is typically pumped out of the basement and away from the home to a location where it will not cause any damage. Usually, a hole is excavated beneath the basement's center section, and this pit houses the sump pump. For further details, call us now.

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