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Our Plumbing Services in Green Bay, WI

Gas line repair/leak detection.

Gas line leaks are deadly dangerous and must be rectified immediately. Please do not attempt to fix any leaks, as they may be dreadful to you and your belongings. Only an expert technician with the proper tools and devices can diagnose and repair gas line leaks effectively.

Keep a watch for these signs of gas leak:

  • Hissing sound
  • Unpleasant smell
  • High gas bill
  • Plants around the leak spot turns brownish or die off

Gas leaks can often go undetected until it's too late. Gas leaks can happen anywhere, so it's essential to be prepared. Regular maintenance can help to keep a check on gas leaks.

Water Leak/Main Line Repair

Water leaks are pretty standard yet often underestimated household problems. A tiny crack in a pipe can cause extensive damage if left unaddressed. Water leaks can ruin your belongings and lead to dangerous mold growth. If you catch a water leak early, you may be able to avoid significant repairs. A professional plumber typically does water leak repair.

Nonetheless, there are certain things you can do to prevent water leaks, such as regularly checking pipes and fixtures for cracks or leaks and promptly fixing any that are found. Don't wait until a water leak becomes a main line repair issue. Address it before you encounter further losses.

Fixture Replacement

Over time, plumbing fixtures are not uncommon to become damaged or degraded. Hard water, clogs, grease, and any remnants of broken components can all cause damage. As a result, fixture replacements are ideal for beautifying and upgrading your house. Taps, showerheads, faucets, and bathtubs are all included.

While fixture damage can occur gradually over time, it can also happen suddenly. For example, a sudden drop in water pressure is often a sign that a fixture needs to be replaced. By watching these warning signs, you can ensure that your plumbing remains in good condition for years to come.

Sewage/Drain cleaning

A proper sewage line is essential for fresh and clean surroundings. However, routine checks and maintenance are necessary to facilitate its smooth function. Drains clog up with dirt, tissues, hair tufts, broken pieces of pipes, and likewise. This obstructs smooth drainage and proper sewage function. As a result, flooding may occur and create an unclean environment.

Regularly cleaning sewer and drain lines keeps everything flowing freely and reduces the risk of problems arising down the road. In addition to preventing overwhelming expense or disruption due to a clogged system, cleaning is also essential in removing hazardous mold or bacteria that can proliferate in neglected piping.

Hard Water treatment

Hard water contains high concentrations of metals like calcium and magnesium. These metals can cause various problems, including forming hard films or coatings on appliances, sinks, utensils, etc.

Additionally, hard water can lead to health concerns like skin disease and hair loss. Water softening is a treatment that removes these metals from the water, enhancing the water quality and ensuring the safety of those who consume it. Water softening is a necessary process that everyone should be aware of to ensure their water quality.

Slab leak repair

Slab leaks are a severe problem that can cause significant damage to your home if not addressed promptly. A slab leak is a water pipe leakage in your home's concrete slab. Poor water quality and improper installation are a few causes of cracks in the pipe that lead to slab leaks. If not taken care of, it can cause flooding in your basement, damaging your flooring and even the structure of your home. Slab leak repair is not a do-it-yourself project – it should be done by a professional with the proper equipment and experience.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the prime aspects of any residential makeover project. They are one of any house's most attractive and widely used spaces. Moreover, the Kitchen and bathroom makeover improves the functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it adds to the comfort and quality of your home. The Kitchen is the soul of any house where we spend a lot of time cooking meals for our loved ones. An outdated kitchen looks terrible and affects our mood while cooking. A beautiful and functional Kitchen uplifts our spirit and makes cooking a fun experience.

Similarly, the bathroom is an essential space where we start and end our day. A well-designed bathroom offers a sense of luxury, relaxation, and comfort. It is a place where we can unwind after a long day at work or recharge ourselves before starting a new day. Remodeling your Kitchen and bathroom is an excellent way to add value to your home and make it more comfortable to live in.

Waterline repair and replacement

Water is an essential resource we use daily in various ways. It's hard to imagine life without it, from cooking and cleaning to watering our plants and taking a refreshing shower. That's why ensuring that our water lines are in good working condition is essential. While new homes typically have more unique, high-quality water lines, older homes may have pipes more susceptible to cracks and leaks.

Regular maintenance and repairs can help prevent Water line emergencies and ensure a smooth water supply. In addition, Water line checks can also identify any potential problems before they cause significant damage. As a result, Water line maintenance is essential for keeping your home in good condition.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is an effective method to remove clogs. Hydro jetting passes a high-intensity water jet along the drainage system to clear away any blocks. Hydro jetting clears the areas where the usual clearing procedures fail. Hydro jetting is more likely to be successful the first time and is less likely to cause damage than snaking or using chemicals. Hydro jetting also cleans the pipe, which can help prevent future clogs. If you have a clog that has been difficult to remove, hydro jetting may be the best option.

Sump Pump

A Sump Pump is a device installed in a house's basement or crawl space. They are designed to clear water automatically from the basement to maintain a clean, dry and hygienic environment. A Sump Pump drains the water collected in the pit and removes it out of the cellar to an assigned drainage space through the discharge line. Sump pumps are usually used in buildings at risk of floods and moisture. Sump Pumps use mechanical energy to work. The most common type of Sump Pump is the Pedestal Pump. It has a float switch that turns the pump on when the water level in the sump pit rises to a certain point and turns the pump off when it falls below that point.

Another variety of Sump Pump is the Submersible Pump. It is entirely submerged in the water and Out of sight. It is more efficient than a Pedestal Pump and can handle larger volumes of water. The best is always the one that suits your requirements.

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