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You know that feeling when your AC goes out on the hottest day of the year. We understand how frustrating it can be. That's why we're here to help. We provide HVAC service in Illinois by repairing crew 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only do we offer 24/7 service, but we also have a comprehensive list of services that our partners offer our clients. Whether you need a new AC installed, an old one repaired, or just some routine maintenance is done on your system, we can help. Contact us today for all your HVAC needs!

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Why Choose RepairsCrew for your AC and Heating Repairs?

The older your HVAC devices get, the more maintenance they will likely require. Dust and dirt can build up in the filters and fins of the unit, which will decrease its efficiency and lead to costly repairs. Neglecting to properly maintain your HVAC devices can also cause them to break down completely, so it's important to schedule regular maintenance checks with a technician.

You're probably like most people and don't want to spend hours on the phone calling different AC and heating repair companies to get quotes. Not only is it frustrating, but it's also a waste of time. You could be spending that time relaxing or doing something you enjoy.

Let the RepairsCrew do the work for you. We have a network of technicians so that you can compare quotes quickly and easily.

Arlington Heights HVAC Repairs at the Best Price

A broken HVAC system can be a huge inconvenience. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous if not repaired quickly.

Our local experts offer competitive prices and can have your HVAC system up and running again in no time. We recognize that a broken HVAC system can be a major inconvenience, so we work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or service.

Our Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Arlington Heights, IL

Emergency services

In the middle of a cold winter night, the last thing you want is for your furnace to stop working. Unfortunately, emergency HVAC issues are not uncommon. Some of the most common emergency HVAC scenarios include heating or cooling loss, strange noises coming from the unit, and strange odors. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it's important to call a technician right away. While some HVAC issues can be resolved without emergency service, others can be much more serious.

Heater installation and repair

As water heater owners know, there are a number of common issues that can arise over the course of its lifespan. One such issue is a leaking tank. While a minor amount of water leakage is to be expected as the tank ages, a large or constant leak is cause for concern. If left unaddressed, a leaking water heater can cause serious water damage to your home. Another common issue is sediment buildup. Sediment can accumulate over time, causing the water heater to become less efficient and potentially leading to a tank rupture. In some cases, it may be required to get a new water heater installed.

Heater Maintenance and repair

Issues that can come up with water heaters if they're not regularly maintained. For one, the water heater can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, which can then find their way into the water supply. Additionally, sediment can build up in the water heater over time, eventually causing it to overheat and break down. Finally, mineral deposits can form on the water heater's heating elements, making it less efficient and increasing the risk of fire. Regular maintenance helps to prevent these problems by keeping the water heater clean and free of sediment. Additionally, it's essential to have a professional check the water heater on a yearly basis to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently.

Furnace installation and replacement

As your furnace unit starts getting old, it will have issues with its performance. You'll begin to notice your home isn't as warm as it used to be, even when the furnace is running. In fact, older furnace units are only about 60% efficient in converting fuel into heat, which means you're losing a lot of heat and money trying to keep your home comfortable during the colder months. Your energy bills will also start to rise as your furnace has to work harder to maintain the same level of warmth. If you're noticing any of these issues, it's probably time to replace your old furnace unit. Not only will you see a decrease in your energy bills, but you'll also experience an increase in the overall comfort of your home.

Furnace Repair and maintenance

As a homeowner, it's important to be aware of the issues that can arise if you don't regularly upkeep your furnace unit. Your furnace works hard to keep your home warm throughout the winter months, and if it isn't correctly maintained, a number of issues can arise. The most common issues include reduced efficiency, increased energy bills, and unexpected breakdowns. By scheduling regular furnace maintenance, you can avoid these issues and keep your unit running efficiently. In addition, you may also find that your furnace lasts longer and requires fewer repairs if it is properly maintained. As a result, regular furnace maintenance is an integral part of owning a home.

Boiler services

Old boilers are prone to a number of issues, from corroded pipes to leaking valves. While many of these difficulties can be fixed with a simple repair, others may require the attention of a trained technician. When it comes to boiler maintenance and repair, it's important to know when to call for help. Some common signs that your boiler needs servicing include strange noises, increased energy bills, and uneven heating. If you see any of these issues, don't hesitate to contact a technician for assistance. With their help, you can keep your boiler running smoothly for years to come.

Radiant heating services

Radiant heating is a type of space heating that uses infrared radiation to directly heat an object or area. When compared to conventional HVAC devices such as furnaces and air conditioners, radiant heating has a number of advantages. For one, it is much more efficient since it does not rely on the convection of air to transfer heat. Additionally, radiant heating is much more comfortable since it heats objects rather than the air around them. As a result, there are no drafts or cold spots. Finally, radiant heating is also easier to control, allowing you to set different temperatures in different parts of your home. For all these reasons, investing in radiant heating is wise for any homeowner.

Filter replacement

Most homeowners are aware that their HVAC system has filters that need to be replaced on a regular basis. However, many people don't realize how important it is to keep those filters clean. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills. Worse yet, a dirty filter can circulate dust and other allergens throughout your home, causing allergy sufferers and asthmatics problems. For these reasons, it's essential to replace the filters in your HVAC system regularly. By doing so, you can help keep your home clean and comfortable while saving money on your energy bills.

Ductless heating and air systems

Ductless HVAC systems have a number of benefits over other types of methods, including the fact that they do not have ductwork. This means that they are more efficient and can save you money on your energy bill. They are also easier to install and maintain and less likely to break down. In addition, ductless systems can be used in a variety of different settings, including homes, offices, and retail stores. Finally, they are more environmentally friendly than conventional HVAC systems because they do not produce air pollution.

Indoor air quality products

Most people are aware of the significance of good indoor air quality. After all, we spend most of our time indoors, and the air we breathe can significantly impact our health. Fortunately, there are a variety of different appliances that can help to improve indoor air quality. For example, air purifiers help to remove contaminants from the air, and humidifiers add moisture to dry static-filled air. Homeowners can also invest in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation devices, which use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses.

Smart home thermostats

A smart thermostat is a device that uses artificial intelligence in order to learn the temperature preferences of homeowners and adjust the temperature of their homes accordingly. The benefits of using it are numerous. It can help save money on energy bills by only heating or cooling the home when necessary. Additionally, it can help improve the home's indoor air quality by maintaining a consistent temperature. Lastly, it can provide peace of mind by allowing homeowners to remotely control the temperature of their homes.

UV air sanitizers

UV air sanitizers are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the importance of killing bacteria and viruses. These use ultraviolet light to kill germs, and they are effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. UV air sanitizers are especially useful in hospitals, where they can help to reduce the spread of infection. UV air sanitizers are also becoming increasingly popular in homes as people strive to create a healthy environment for their families. UV air sanitizers are a vital tool in the fight against bacteria and viruses, and they are likely to become even more popular in the years to come.

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