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RepairsCrew is the right choice for ductless AC service. We are a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing the top-quality service possible. We use only genuine equipment and techniques and are always up-to-date on industry standards. RepairsCrew is the only choice for ductless AC service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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RepairsCrew offers top-quality ductless AC services at fair rates with strict adherence to quality. We are a professional and experienced repair company servicing AC units for years. Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot and repair any make or model of AC unit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We'll be glad to clarify any queries and help you find the best solution for your needs.

Our Ductless AC Services in Springfield, IL

Ductless AC systems are gaining popularity, and for a good reason. Unlike traditional AC systems, ductless AC units do not require ductwork to distribute cool air throughout a home or office. So they are much easier to install and can be done without having to make significant changes to the existing structure of a building. In addition, ductless AC systems are much more energy-efficient than their ducted counterparts, making them a preferred choice to reduce their carbon footprint.

Finally, ductless AC units give occupants direct control over the temperature in their immediate surroundings, allowing them to create a customized and comfortable environment. As more and more people recognize the advantages of ductless AC systems, it is likely that they will continue to gain in popularity.

Mini split Ductless AC systems are a great way to cool your home without needing ductwork. These systems work by taking warm air from your home and drawing it over a cold evaporator coil. This process eliminates heat from the air, cooling it before it is circulated back into your home. Mini split Ductless AC systems are highly efficient and can save energy bills significantly.

In addition, these systems are straightforward to install and can be done in a matter of hours. If you are looking for a practical and cost-effective approach to cooling your home, a mini-split Ductless AC system may be the perfect solution.

Multi-split ductless AC is a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable without using a central air conditioning unit. These units are energy efficient and can be installed in any room in your house. Multi-split ductless AC units consist of an outdoor compressor unit connected to indoor air handler units through copper tubing. The outdoor compressor unit pumps refrigerant to the indoor units, which then circulate cooled air into your home.

Multi-split ductless AC units are very quiet, and they provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to cooling your home. You can choose to cool only specific rooms or set the temperature for each room individually. Multi-split ductless AC is an excellent option for keeping your house cool and comfortable all summer long.

Ductless AC systems have gained popularity recently due to their efficiency and versatility. However, these systems can also be prone to various evident issues if they are not properly serviced and maintained. One common issue is the build-up of ice on the evaporator coils. This can prevent the system from effectively cooling the air and lead to water damage in the home.

Some of the most important reasons to service your ductless AC unit include: removing dirt and debris from the outdoor compressor, cleaning the indoor air handler(s), inspecting and cleaning the evaporator coils, checking and replacing the air filter(s), and checking the refrigerant level. Servicing your ductless AC unit regularly can help ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively for many years.

Another evident issue is the accumulation of dust and dirt on the filters. This can reduce airflow and lead to increased energy costs. Finally, improperly charging the system can cause compressor failure, which can be expensive to repair. By ensuring that your ductless AC system is properly serviced and maintained, you can help avoid these common issues.

Ductless air conditioners are cooling equipment that does not require ductwork. Ductless AC units are popular in homes and businesses because they are efficient, quiet, and easy to install. However, like all cooling equipment, they require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them running correctly.

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