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RepairsCrew offers competitive rates in ductless AC repairs and maintenance so you can stay comfortable all year round. We also provide different services for AC apart from installation and repair. So whatever your HVAC needs, RepairsCrew can help. Please schedule a consultation.

Our Ductless AC Services in Mount Prospect, IL

Ductless ACs are air conditioners that do not require ductwork to cool your home. There are two main types of ductless ACs: Mini-split systems and multi-split systems. Mini-split systems contain one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, while multi-split systems contain multiple indoor units and one outdoor unit.

Ductless ACs are a great option for homes that do not have existing ductwork or for rooms that are difficult to cool with a traditional central air conditioner. Ductless ACs are also more energy-efficient than conventional ACs, saving you money on energy bills. If you're considering a ductless AC for your home, be sure to consult with a professional HVAC contractor to ensure that it is the right option for your needs.

Ductless Air Conditioning is ideal for those who want to cool a specific area of their home or office without using ductwork. Ductless air conditioners have several benefits over traditional ducted systems:

  • Ductless ACs are much more efficient because they don't lose cooled air through ductwork.
  • Ductless ACs are quieter than ducted systems because the compressor is located outside the home.
  • Ductless ACs can cool specific areas of the house rather than completely cool the entire home. This can be a real advantage in homes with irregular layouts or rooms that are only used occasionally.
  • Ductless ACs are easier to install than ducted systems, making them a good choice for do-it-yourself or homes without existing ductwork.

Mini split ductless AC systems are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial settings. Unlike traditional AC systems, mini split ductless ACs don't require ductwork. Instead, they feature one or more small indoor units connected to an outdoor condenser via a small conduit.

Mini split ductless ACs offer several advantages over traditional systems, including increased energy efficiency and easier installation. In addition, mini split ductless ACs are highly flexible and can be customized to meet the specific cooling needs of any space. This makes them a preferred choice for new construction and retrofit projects.

Multi-split ductless AC units are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial settings. Unlike traditional forced-air systems, ductless ACs don't require extensive ductwork to distribute cool air throughout a space. Instead, each indoor unit is connected directly to an outdoor unit via a small conduit. This makes ductless ACs more versatile, easier to install than traditional systems, and more energy efficient.

Multi-split ductless ACs are especially well-suited for spaces with limited or no ductwork, such as apartments, offices, and garage conversions. If you're looking for a more efficient and versatile cooling option for your home or business, a multi-split ductless AC may be the perfect solution.

Ductless air conditioners are a popular choice for many homeowners, but they can be subject to glitches if they are not regularly serviced. One common problem is that the unit may need to turn on or off properly or cycle on and off more frequently. The build-up of dust and dirt along the coils or other parts of the unit can be a reason. Another problem is that the unit may need to cool the room evenly, resulting in hot and cold spots.

This can be due to the accumulation of ice on the coils, which prevents proper airflow. If you come across any of these problems, it is essential to contact a professional for ductless AC repair.

Another issue is a gas leak in a ductless AC which can cause an explosion or fire and lead to health problems if the gas is inhaled. If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the power to the unit and call a technician immediately. The technician will be able to repair the leak and make sure that the unit is safe to use. Gas leaks are rare, but they are serious problems that a professional should address immediately.

By keeping your unit well-maintained, you can help prevent these glitches from occurring.

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