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RepairsCrew is one of the leading ductless AC repair and maintenance services providers. Our technicians offer a wide range of services, including AC tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. We are committed to our customers by delivering every possible service in ductless AC with utmost precision.

We also offer a convenient booking system to schedule a service at a time that suits you. Contact us today to learn more about our ductless AC repair and maintenance services.

Lombard Ductless AC Repair & Replacement at the Best Price

RepairsCrew is a company that offers ductless AC services at fair rates. RepairsCrew is dedicated to providing quality services at fair rates, ensuring your home or office is comfortable all year round. In addition to offering fair rates for their services, RepairsCrew also provides a wide range of services, including repairs, maintenance, and installation.

As a result, you can rest assured that RepairsCrew will be able to meet your specific needs and requirements. Contact RepairsCrew today to learn more about their ductless AC services and how they can help you maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Our Ductless AC Services in Lombard, IL

Ductless AC systems are air conditioners that don't require ductwork. Unlike central AC systems, which rely on a network of ducts to distribute cool air throughout a home, ductless AC units consist of an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handlers.

Ductless AC systems offer several benefits over traditional central AC units:

  • They're much easier to install since no ductwork is required.
  • They're highly efficient since there's no cool air loss through leaky ductwork.
  • They're versatile and can cool specific rooms or areas rather than the entire home.

If you're considering installing a new AC system in your home, a ductless AC unit may be the right option. Ductless AC units are easy to install and efficient, making them an excellent choice for any home.

Ductless AC units are a good option for homeowners who want to improve their home's energy efficiency and comfort level. Ductless ACs have many advantages over traditional ACs, making them comparatively less expensive to operate and maintain. Ductless ACs are also easier to install and offer a higher level of comfort because they evenly cool the entire room. If you are considering upgrading your home's AC system, consider investing in a ductless AC unit. You will be satisfied with the results.

Mini split Ductless AC systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially in homes where traditional air conditioning is not an option. Mini split Ductless AC systems offer many advantages over conventional AC systems, including increased efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and easier installation.

Mini split Ductless AC systems are also much quieter than traditional AC systems, making them ideal for use in bedrooms and other areas where noise may be a concern. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that mini split Ductless AC systems are becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners.

Multi-split Ductless ACs can cool multiple rooms or areas simultaneously and can be controlled independently from each other. They also have a lower environmental impact than traditional ducted AC systems. Multi-split systems are versatile cooling solutions that can be adapted to your specific needs and are a great choice for any home or business.

If you have a ductless air conditioner in your home, it's essential to have regular maintenance. Otherwise, you may start to notice a decline in performance and efficiency. Sometimes, neglecting to service your unit can even lead to premature failure.

One of the most common issues from not keeping up with maintenance is dirt and debris buildup. Over time, pollen, dust, and other particles can accumulate on the evaporator coils. This reduces the ability of the coils to effectively transfer heat, leading to reduced cooling power and increased energy consumption.

In addition, dirty coils can also cause the unit to freeze up. At this instance, the system will shut down until it thaws out. This cycle of freezing and thawing stresses all of the unit's components, which can shorten its lifespan.

Another potential issue is refrigerant leaks. The refrigerant is what enables the AC unit actually to cool the air. If a leak occurs in the system, it will gradually lose refrigerant over time. Not only does this make the unit less effective at cooling, but it also puts strain on the compressor. Eventually, this can lead to compressor failure – meaning you'll need to replace the entire unit.

So, schedule regular maintenance appointments to avoid costly repairs and keep your ductless AC running smoothly for years to come. By catching problems early on, you can minimize damage and save yourself money in the long run.

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