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When the summer heat wave hits, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to conk out on you. However, finding a technician to service your AC unit can be daunting. With so many companies and individuals claiming to be experts in the field, how can you be sure you're picking the right person for the job? That's where RepairsCrew comes in. We are a network of experienced AC technicians who can provide you with multiple quotes for your repair or installation needs. This way, you can contrast prices and services to find the match for your budget and requirements. So why wait? Contact RepairsCrew today and get started on finding the perfect AC technician for your needs.

West Des Moines Central AC Repair & Replacement Services at the Best Price

RepairsCrew has formed relationships with local air conditioner repair companies in the business. Our partner experts offer a wide selection of preventative upkeep packages designed to keep your AC unit in top condition and extend its lifespan. The RepairsCrew platform allows you to compare pricing and reviews from our partner companies. Our pricing is competitive because we only work with companies who charge fair market rates for their services.

Our Central AC Installation & Repair Services in West Des Moines, IA

When choosing an air conditioner for their home, homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from. One of the most prevalent types of ACs is the window unit. Window units are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, they can be noisy and may not be as energy efficient as other types of air conditioners. Another option is a split AC system consisting of two units: an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator. Split AC systems are more expensive than window units but are quieter and more energy efficient.

Another type of air conditioner unit that is available is a ductless AC system. Ductless AC systems do not require ductwork, making them ideal for homes that do not have existing ductwork. They are also very energy efficient and can be controlled independently from each other, making it easy to adjust the temperature in different rooms. Regardless of which type of air conditioner you choose, it is vital to have it installed by a professional to ensure optimal performance.

However, running your air conditioner all summer long can put a lot of wear and tear on the unit. If you don't take the time to maintain it correctly, you may start to see some serious issues. Here are seven common problems that occur with neglected AC units:

  • Clogged filters: Filters should be changed every month, but many people forget to do so. These can become clogged with dust and dirt, making it harder for air to flow through. This can lead to a drop in efficiency and increased utility bills.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Leaks are one of the most severe problems that can occur with an AC unit. Refrigerant is essential for the unit to function correctly, and a leak can cause the unit to fail completely. In some cases, leaks can also be dangerous, so it's important to have them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Fuse blown up: The fuse helps to protect the AC unit from electrical surges. If the fuse blows, it means that there was an electrical problem that could have damaged the unit. Replacing the fuse is generally a simple process, but it's important to ensure that you don't have any other electrical problems before turning the unit back on.
  • Water leak: A water leak is another serious problem that can occur with an AC unit. Water can damage the unit's components and lead to mold growth.
  • Circuit trip: The circuit breaker is designed to protect your AC unit from power surges. If the breaker trips, it means that there was an electrical problem that could have damaged the unit. You'll need to reset the breaker before you can turn the unit back on.
  • Problem with the thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for controlling the AC unit's temperature. If it isn't working properly, your home will be uncomfortable, and your energy bills will be high. There are a few different things that can cause thermostat problems, so it's best to call a professional for help.
  • Frozen coil: The coil is responsible for absorbing heat from your home's air. If it becomes frozen, it won't be able to do its job correctly, and your home will become too warm. In some cases, a frozen coil can also cause water damage.

Millions of American households experience a breakdown of their air conditioning unit every year, and repairs are not cheap. The average cost of repairs is about $300, with some homeowners spending as much as $1,000 on a single repair. AC repair is not a DIY project because it requires special tools, training, and experience to repair correctly.

So here are several reasons why regular upkeep and maintenance of your AC unit is important:

  • It helps to prevent breakdowns: By regularly cleaning your AC unit and changing the filters, you can help to prevent major breakdowns.
  • It keeps your energy bills low: A well-maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Proper care can help extend your AC unit's life by several years.
  • It improves indoor air quality: A clean AC unit will circulate fresh air throughout your home.
  • It prevents health problems: By circulating clean air, an AC unit can help to prevent respiratory issues such as allergies and asthma.

AC repair is not a DIY project because it requires special tools, training, and experience to repair properly. However, there are many benefits to regular upkeep and maintenance of your AC unit. These benefits include preventing breakdowns, keeping energy bills low, extending the life of your AC unit, improving indoor air quality, and preventing health problems.

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