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RepairsCrew has partnered with the best AC specialists in town, so you never have to experience a hot and stuffy night again. No matter what, if it's day or night, with RepairsCrew, you can get 24/7 AC repair or upkeep services. So, we will be there for you if your AC has stopped working abruptly or you want to get it serviced before the summer season begins. All our AC specialists are skilled and experienced professionals who will quickly identify the issue and provide a lasting solution. Plus, with our competitive pricing, you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money. So, why wait? Contact us today and experience the RepairsCrew difference.

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Why Choose RepairsCrew for Your Central Air Conditioning?

When your AC breaks down, the first thing you want is to get it fixed as soon as possible. After all, the last thing you want is to be left without AC in the middle of a heatwave. However, finding a reputable AC technician can be a challenge. With so many fly-by-night businesses out there, it's hard to know who to trust. That's where RepairsCrew comes in. We are a network of expert AC technicians who can provide you with multiple quotes. That way, you can choose the technician that best meets your needs and budget.

West Bend Central AC Repair & Replacement Services at the Best Price

RepairsCrew offers a wide selection of preventative upkeep packages designed to keep your AC unit in top condition and extend its lifespan. RepairsCrew's partner experts provide their AC services at competitive rates, so you can be sure you're getting a fair price. Our AC services include inspection and cleaning of the unit, replacement of filters, and Freon recharge. The RepairsCrew annual maintenance plan is a great way to keep your AC unit in top condition and extend its lifespan. Contact us today for preventative upkeep packages.

Our Central AC Installation & Repair Services in West Bend, WI

For many homeowners, the choice of AC unit comes down to a matter of preference. The most prevalent types of AC units are window ACs, split systems, and ductless AC systems. Each kind has its own benefits and limitations.

Window ACs are the most economical option and are relatively easy to install. However, they can be noisy and can take up valuable space in a window. Split systems are more expensive than window ACs, but they are more energy efficient and have the added benefit of not occupying any window space. Ductless AC systems are the most expensive option, but they are also the most energy-efficient and offer greater flexibility in terms of installation.

Ultimately, the best type of AC unit for a homeowner depends on their funding and their specific needs. Homeowners should consult with an HVAC contractor to determine which type of unit is best for their home.

If you neglect your AC unit, you'll eventually start to see some issues. Here are seven of the most frequent problems that occur:

  • Clogged filters - When the filters get clogged, it causes the AC unit to work harder than it needs to. This can lead to diminished efficiency and higher energy bills.
  • Refrigerant leak - A refrigerant leak can cause the AC unit to lose its ability to cool properly. This can be a huge trouble, especially in hot weather.
  • Fuse blown up - If the AC unit's fuse blows, it will require to be replaced. Otherwise, the AC unit won't be able to turn on.
  • Water leak - A water leak can cause major damage to AC and the surrounding area. If not fixed quickly, it could lead to mold and mildew growth.
  • Circuit trip - A circuit trip is caused when the AC unit overloads the electrical circuit it's plugged into. This can be a serious problem, as it could lead to a fire.
  • Problem with the thermostat - If the AC unit's thermostat isn't working properly, it could cause the unit to cycle on and off more frequently than usual. This can waste energy and hike up your electric bill.
  • Frozen coil - The frozen coil is another common problem with neglected AC units. When this happens, the unit isn't able to cool properly and may even stop working entirely.

AC is a vital part of any home in warm climates, and they require regular upkeep to maintain peak performance. Here are five reasons why regular AC repair and maintenance is so important:

  • Improving Efficiency: A well-maintained air conditioner will run more effectively than one that has been neglected, saving you cash on your energy bills.
  • Preventing Breakdowns: Regular AC repair can help to prevent major breakdowns, keeping your AC unit running smoothly for many years.
  • Maintaining Air Quality: A properly functioning air conditioner helps circulate clean air throughout your home, improving indoor air quality.
  • Avoiding emergencies: If you wait until your AC unit breaks down to call a repairman, you may be facing an expensive emergency service call. By contrast, regular maintenance can help to avoid such emergencies.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your Air Conditioner unit is in good working order can give you peace of mind on hot summer days.
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