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Whenever your AC breaks down, you want to hire a technician to fix the problem. You don't want to risk making the problem worse. That's why we've compiled a list of local companies specializing in AC repairs. With our help, you can easily compare quotes and find a company that suits your needs.

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Watertown Central AC Repair & Replacement Services at the Best Price

When you need an AC installation, repair, or maintenance service, you want to be sure you're getting a fair price. In South Dakota, our local experts are committed to providing you with competitive pricing on all your AC needs. Whether you're looking for a new AC installation or simply need some routine repairs or maintenance, you can rest easy that you're getting a fair price. And because we understand the importance of keeping your AC running smoothly, we offer a wide range of services to choose from, so you can find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Our Central AC Installation & Repair Services in Watertown, SD

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to central air conditioning units. Some of the factors that will affect the type of unit you choose include the size of your home, the climate, and the budget. One option is a split-system AC, which consists of an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor unit by refrigerant lines. Another option is a packaged AC unit, which combines the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in one unit. This unit is installed on the roof or usually on a concrete slab next to the house. A third option is a geothermal heat pump, which uses the earth's natural heat to provide efficient cooling and heating. Homeowners should consult with an AC contractor to determine the best type of unit for their needs.

Central AC systems are complex, and when something goes wrong, it can be challenging to diagnose the problem. To help you troubleshoot your AC system, here is a list of seven common issues and what you can do about them:

  • Dirty filters: When filters get clogged with dirt and dust, they can restrict air flow and cause the AC system to work harder than necessary. To fix this problem, simply scrub or replace the filters.
  • Refrigerant leaks: A refrigerant leak can cause the AC system to lose coolant, making it less effective at cooling the home. You'll need to call a qualified technician to repair the leak and recharge the system to fix this problem.
  • Frozen coil: The coils in the AC system can sometimes freeze up, particularly if the unit is low on coolant. To thaw a frozen coil, turn off the AC unit and wait for the ice to melt. Once the coil has thawed, you can turn the unit back on.
  • Water leaks: A water leak in the AC unit can signify a problem with the condensate drain line. To fix this issue, you'll need to clear any drain line blockages and ensure it's properly draining away from the unit.
  • Fuse issues: If there's a problem with one of the fuses in the AC unit, it can prevent power from reaching critical components. To resolve this difficulty, simply replace the blown a fuse with a new one of the same size and rating.
  • Thermostat issues: If the thermostat isn't working correctly, it can cause all sorts of problems with the AC unit. To fix this issue, check to make sure that batteries are fresh and that all wires are securely connected to terminals.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: If the circuit breaker trips when you try to turn on the AC unit, it could be due to an overload or a short circuit. To fix this problem, reset the breaker and see if that solves the issue; if not, you may need to call an electrician for further assistance.

Some Reasons Why Regular Maintenance is Important for Your Central AC

  • Increase the lifespan of your AC unit: A properly maintained AC unit can last up to 15 years, whereas an unmaintained unit will only last 5-10 years. Regular maintenance helps to prevent wear and tear on your unit, allowing it to run smoothly for longer.

  • Save money on your energy bills: A well-maintained AC unit is more energy-efficient than a neglected one. Keeping your unit clean and in good working order can save money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Prevent costly repairs: You can avoid expensive repairs down the line by catching problems early. Regular maintenance can help you identify minor issues before they turn into significant problems.
  • Improve indoor air quality: A dirty or poorly maintained AC unit can circulate dust and other allergens through your home, exacerbating allergies and respiratory problems. Keeping your maintained will help to improve indoor air quality.
  • Ensure summertime comfort: Nobody wants their AC unit to break down in the middle of summer! Regular maintenance will help you avoid this nightmare and keep your family cools all summer.

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