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With so many businesses to choose from, choosing the right one for your central AC repair can be a daunting task. You want to ensure you're choosing a reputable company that will do a good job. RepairsCrew offers you multiple quotes so that you can compare them before you hire. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your central AC in top condition.

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When you get the issue of a bad air conditioner, you obviously need to seek a technician to help you fix it. Most people first ask their friends and family for any reference for a technician. They will go online to compare different companies, only to waste their precious time. It's tedious and not worth it. You can actually save all this stress by dealing with RepairsCrew from the beginning. With RepairsCrew, you are provided with highly professional AC repair services at quite competitive prices. The company is well endowed with highly skilled technicians with years of experience in offering quality repair services. Contact RepairsCrew today for your AC repair needs, and you will be glad you did!

Our Central AC Installation & Repair Services in Mount Pleasant, WI

There are many kinds of AC that homeowners can choose from, this often leads to confusion- so here's an overview:

One type of central AC system is a traditional split system, which includes both an indoor unit (usually installed in a closet or attic) and an outdoor unit. The benefits of this type of system include its cost-effectiveness and ability to cool multiple rooms at once.

Another option for central AC is a ductless mini-split system, which uses individual units mounted on walls in each room to cool the entire house. The benefits of this type of system include its energy efficiency and the fact that it can be used to cool specific rooms instead of the whole house at once.

A third option is a packaged HVAC unit, which combines heating, ventilation, and air conditioning into one unit typically installed on the roof or outside the building. The benefits of this type of system include space savings and ease of maintenance.

Lastly, geothermal heat pumps use underground pipes to transfer heat from the ground into the home during winter and reverse the process in summer for cooling. The benefits of this type of system include its high energy efficiency and potential for long-term cost savings.

As with any mechanical device, AC units can become worn down or damaged over time. One of the most common issues is a frozen coil, which occurs when the unit is not getting enough airflow, causing ice to build up on the coils. Clogged or dirty filters can cause this, incorrect sizing for the space it is cooling, or low refrigerant levels.

Another frequent issue is a faulty thermostat, which can cause the unit to not properly regulate temperature or turn on at all. This could be due to improper installation or calibration, an electrical problem, or simply an old and outdated thermostat.

Water leaks in an AC unit can also be caused by clogged drainage lines or a faulty condensate pump. Refrigerant leaks can occur from faulty connections or cracks in the tubing and should always be fixed by a skilled professional.

Fuses and circuit issues can also interrupt the operation of the AC unit. Old fuses may need to be replaced, and circuit tripping can indicate an overload on the electrical system that needs to be addressed.

Overall, regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent many of these issues from occurring and keep your AC running smoothly.

One reason to get regular preventive maintenance for your central AC unit is to maintain efficiency. A well-maintained unit will run more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs.

Another reason is to maintain the capacity of the unit. Without regular maintenance, the unit may not be able to properly cool your home or business.

Regular upkeep of the AC unit can help identify and fix any potential safety hazards with the unit.

Regular maintenance can help with reliability. Without it, small issues can turn into major problems resulting in a unit breakdown.

Regular checks can help maintain any warranties on the unit. Many manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance in order for the warranty to stay valid.

DIY maintenance for AC units often does not work because it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. Attempting DIY maintenance can also void warranties and potentially cause harm or damage to the unit. It is best to leave AC maintenance to professionals.

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