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When your AC unit is maintained correctly, it will run more efficiently, costing you less in energy bills. Furthermore, regularly scheduled upkeep can help prolong your unit's life, saving you money in the long run. However, if you neglect to schedule regular maintenance, you may find yourself facing decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and even complete failure. To avoid these costly problems, hire your AC specialist from RepairsCrew. We can get you multiple quotes from nearby specialists, so you have a chance to compare. With our help, you can find a good specialist for the job, ensuring that your AC unit receives the quality care it needs.

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RepairsCrew is one of the most comprehensive online directories for AC repairs. No matter what kind of HVAC system you have, RepairsCrew can connect you with a specialist in your area who can help. Our AC specialists provide their services for quite competitive rates, so you can be sure you're getting a good deal. So if your AC is on the fritz, head to RepairsCrew and get connected with a local specialist today.

Our Central AC Installation & Repair Services in Carbondale, IL

There are many options for central air conditioning systems for homeowners to choose from. One option is a split system, which includes an outdoor compressor unit connected to one or more indoor units. Another option is a packaged unit, which includes both the compressor and air handler in one outdoor unit. Ductless mini-split systems offer individualized temperature control in each room with small, indoor units connected to an outdoor compressor. Variable refrigerant flow systems also offer individualized temperature control but use refrigerant rather than air to distribute cool air throughout the home. Finally, geothermal heat pumps use underground piping filled with water or refrigerant to efficiently cool and heat the house.

No matter the type of central AC system chosen, it is vital for homeowners to do their research and consult with professionals before making a decision. Each system has its own benefits and drawbacks, and factors such as the home's size and layout should also be considered. With proper research and installation, a central AC system can provide efficient cooling and comfort for years to come.

In an old or ill-kept AC unit, some common issues that can occur include frozen coils, refrigerant leaks, dirty coils and filters, a broken thermostat, and compressor failure.

Frozen coils can happen when the air filter is dirty or the refrigerant levels are low, causing inadequate airflow over the coils. This can lead to ice building up on the coils, blocking proper airflow and reducing the unit's efficiency.

Refrigerant leaks can happen due to worn or faulty components in the AC system, such as valves or seals. In addition, old AC units may not have been properly charged with refrigerant during installation, leading to gradual loss over time. Leaks can also occur if the unit was improperly handled during maintenance or repair.

Dirty coils and filters not only lead to frozen coils but also reduce the overall efficiency of the AC unit by blocking proper airflow. These should be regularly cleaned or replaced as part of standard maintenance.

A broken thermostat can cause issues with controlling the temperature in a space and may lead to excessive energy usage as the AC struggles to maintain the desired temperature. In addition, a faulty thermostat may not correctly detect when the AC has reached its desired temperature, causing it to run continuously.

Compressor failure is often a result of old age or lack of proper maintenance for the AC unit. The compressor is responsible for circulating coolant throughout the system and is essential for appropriate functioning of an AC unit. If it fails, a professional technician will likely need to replace it.

Overall, regular maintenance and upkeep of an AC unit can help prevent these issues from occurring and prolong its lifespan. It is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning and servicing and address any potential problems promptly before they become more serious.

A DIY approach to AC repair can seem tempting and cost-effective, but it often ends up doing more harm than good. Without the proper training and equipment, DIYers run the risk of causing damage to their units, leading to costly repairs down the line. This can include incorrectly refilling refrigerant levels, which can lead to health issues if done improperly. DIYers may also not be able to properly diagnose the root issue with their AC unit, leading them to apply temporary band-aid solutions that may only worsen the problem in the long run.

Regular maintenance is vital for AC units because it helps prevent potential issues from arising and catching small problems before they turn into larger, more expensive ones. Professionals have the expertise and equipment needed to properly care for and maintain AC units, ensuring they run efficiently and effectively.

  • Preventive maintenance can help identify and fix small problems before they turn into bigger, more expensive issues.
  • Regular maintenance can improve the efficiency of your AC, potentially lowering energy bills.
  • It can extend the lifetime of your AC unit.
  • Preventive maintenance can help prevent unexpected breakdowns during hot summer months.
  • It can improve indoor air quality by ensuring proper filtration and ventilation.
  • Some manufacturers may require regular maintenance for warranty coverage.
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